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5 Great Reasons to Study in Dubai

5 Great Reasons to Study in Dubai

5 Great Reasons to Study in Dubai

Why study in dubai you ask?

There are many fantastic reasons to study in Dubai. Here are our five best ones for choosing this cosmopolitan city as the location to start your academic journey. Read on to find out…

It’s a Tourist’s Dream Destination

Dubai, located on the Arabian gulf, isn’t just full of natural attractions such as the stunning sandy beaches and warm waters. There are also popular man-made attractions such as the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo and the Burj Al Arab – this iconic landmark is a must-see! For those who love to shop, Dubai is also home to an impressive array of shopping malls; big brands and designer boutiques are ubiquitous in the City of Gold. Knowing the popularity of Dubai for holiday-makers, students can feel safe in the knowledge that Dubai is full of fun and exciting things to see and do.

Heaven for Foodies

Dubai is home to some 180 nationalities and this becomes evident when eating out. Cultural diversity is apparent in the city’s culinary scene; there’s no chance of getting bored when dining out in Dubai. Japanese to Indian; Lebanese to Filipino and much, much more. If you like to try new dishes and flavours, Dubai is perfect for you.

Fun Atmosphere

The population of Dubai is made up of 85% expatriates; it comes as little surprise then that Dubai welcomes and celebrates a wide variety of cultures, faiths and interests. People of other faiths are free to follow their religion. The cosmopolitan nature of the city creates an international, vibrant atmosphere that’s ideal for students. For those who are adventurers at heart, there are many fun activities to participate in, from diving and watersports, to desert safaris, not to mention sightseeing, the culinary delights and fashion.

Safe for Students

Dubai remains a very safe place to live. This is due to the strong moral code of conduct, as Dubai residents adhere to the Sharia Law. This means that for those who choose to live in Dubai, there are some important dos and don’ts to consider and abide by. These include; no drinking alcohol in public places, no swearing or rude gestures in public, both men and women are encouraged to cover their skin and not wear garments that are too tight, additionally, showing affection in public is frowned upon.

A Great Place to Meet New People

In Dubai you are certain to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds, upbringings, religions etc. Since Dubai is such a popular destination, you’re certain to meet many new people and have a fantastic time socialising while you study.

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