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6 facts about OET that healthcare professionals need to know.

6 facts about OET that healthcare professionals need to know.

6 facts about OET that healthcare professionals need to know.

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an English language proficiency test designed specifically for seasoned or aspiring healthcare and medical professionals. As UKCBC Dubai introduces OET to its suite of qualifications, here are 7 facts every healthcare professional should know about the test.


OET is the only test that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Healthcare sector.
Test materials are developed in consultation with subject matter experts and reflect the English language skills required in healthcare settings to deliver high-quality care and patient safety.

OET is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Singapore. 

Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as a proof of candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

OET is the only test required to register and work in the UK.

Doctors, nurses, dentists and midwives applying for Tier 2 (General) visas no longer need to meet a separate English language requirement where they have already done so as part of registering with a relevant regulatory body.


Healthcare professionals can boost their confidence at their workplace with OET.

Students feel more confident in taking OET as the test contexts are familiar which cover real healthcare scenarios. OET is preferred by National Health Service (NHS), the publicly funded healthcare system of the United Kingdom, and other employers in the UK.

OET brings successful results
Significant findings include:

Currently, the UK is facing a shortage of healthcare professionals, especially doctors and nurses.

UK is one of the most desired destinations in the world for boosting career prospects.

According to studies conducted by The Health Foundation, 30,000 nurses are lacking in the UK and the NHS will need an additional 5,000 nurses each year – three times the figure it currently recruits annually.

Therefore, the UK is looking at recruiting internationally. More than 12% of the healthcare workforce reported their nationality as not British according to a report published by BBC.

The OET programme at UKCBC Dubai is conducted by native-speaking tutors who have completed extended training to ensure test-takers achieve exceptional results. with exclusive access to official study materials.

To register for the free OET demo week, email us on admissions@ukcbc.ac.ae or call +971 4 871 5333. Visit us on www.ukcbc.ac.ae/oet