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First and foremost, UKCBC is a provider of quality education. If you’re passionate about teaching or helping facilitate the learning experience for students, we want to hear from you.

Staff happiness and professional progression are at the forefront of employment at UKCBC. Our aim is to provide a space in which employees can enjoy their role and push themselves to reach their full potential. We’ve proudly cultivated a working environment that encourages participation and a healthy work-life balance through initiatives like:

  • External learning support from UKCBC
  • A friendly, compassionate workforce
  • Multiple benefit schemes

Our new Dubai campus will be a further extension of this ethos. We’re looking for people with the drive to help others succeed!


We’ve proudly championed an environment in which those who have the drive to succeed are given space and support necessary to do so. If you’re passionate about your area of expertise and are constantly looking to improve, then we want to help you. Being an educational institution we understand people are not born with the skills needed to be a leader in their field which is why learning extends out beyond the students and into our staff.

Staff training, both internal and external, is encouraged. We understand that the institution would suffer if staff development were to be ignored. That’s why we encourage all managers to listen to requests regarding training and development.

We always look out for talented professionals to join our team. We are a progressive and innovative educational provider which believes in committed individuals and the value they can bring to our organization. If you have the right skill sets and would like to work with us in either academic or marketing & admissions department, please email us your resume at hr@ukcbc.ac.uk  and a member of our HR team will get back to you should there be relevant openings