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Celebrating 48 years of UAE

Celebrating 48 years of UAE

Celebrating 48 years of UAE

The UAE, 50 years ago, was an archipelago of dry desert with mostly tribes and Bedouins as inhabitants. For years their main stream of livelihood was pearl-diving, dates and livestock. Then, oil was found and things never looked same after that!

One man with a vision for growth and change took the reigns of uniting the tribes to carefully utilize the blessing of oil into what the world will behold. That man was His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al Nahyan, the founding father of the United Arab Emirates. On 2nd December 1971, he was the foremost driving force in leading the union of the 7 Emirates.

The National Day which is called ‘Al Yawm Al Watani’ in Arabic is celebrated every year on 2nd December in the United Arab Emirates. It reminds the nation of the union between the seven emirates to form the United Arab Emirates. This day is celebrated with passion, excitement and enthusiasm by every resident of the country. With everyone donning the colors of UAE, roads and buildings decked up with flags and lights. From the Burj Khalifa fireworks, lightshow to the dancing fountains and national dances, the festivities and unity of citizens symbolizes the country stands for.


With the festivities

The national emblem of UAE is represented by a falcon, which embodies the strength and heritage, with UAE flag at the heart of it. The nation values traits such as dignity, pride, achievement, safety, peace, and happiness which is represented through its emblem. Black color in the flag speaks of the richness of oil within the country, green stands for fertility, and the red and white colors drawn from the previous emirate flags, add a touch to native emotions. The flag at the centre with the seven stars around it represents the unity of the seven emirates.

1st December, Commemoration Day honors the Emirati martyrs who sacrificed their lives within UAE or outside in the field of civil, military and humanitarian services. It is a way to manifest that the immolation of the martyr has not been forgotten.

The leaders of the UAE are passionate about providing a high standard of living for both citizens and expats. The government invests into technology and best practices for the country’s continuous improvement and at the same time value everyone’s contribution towards the development of their growing metropolis.

Impressive skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and leisure activities are very well balanced with tradition, religion, local customs and social etiquette to create a unique and fascinating atmosphere in the UAE. The country rigorously maintains independence through its high level of leadership, integrity of work principles and ethics, innovation through competitiveness, empowerment in decision making and happiness in work environment.

At UKCBC, we would like to wish the UAE, it’s leaders and residents a very happy Commemoration and National Day weekend. Our campus will be closed during the holidays and classes will resume on December 4th, 2019. Our commitment to bring top quality vocational education to aid in the fulfilment of the vision of the UAE leadership is stronger than ever and we look forward to preparing an ever-increasing number of students students for their professional careers.


Dr. Tajwar Hussaini is a highly skilled Business Programme Leader for UKCBC – Dubai Campus. With nine years of varied teaching experience, she likes to encourage creativity and higher-order thinking during her lessons to increase student performance and personal growth.