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Dear Students, Parents & Partners,

Welcome to UKCBC Dubai; the newest addition to the UKCBC family, and our first campus outside of the UK. The Dubai Campus is our latest milestone from where we will be delivering our courses beginning June 2018, and subsequently providing students living in the Middle East with access to our acclaimed teaching and syllabus.

Since 2007, when I became director of the college, the expansion of both location and courses offered has grown exponentially. The college is and continues to be an inspiring place to work and study, and I’d like to thank every member of staff for their contribution. Let’s not forget the students, without whom UKCBC would not have been able to reach the heights it has scaled today. Their successes in our UK campuses have paved the way for this expansion.

Our staff and students have also played an integral role in the consistent recognition of the college by the UK’s education inspection agencies. Our recent results from the National Student Survey were extremely positive: UKCBC ranked notably higher both regionally and by sector in eight out of nine categories of the survey. Likewise, our biennial assessment from the Quality Assurance Agency outlined UKCBC’s commitment to delivering quality academic programmes, providing appropriate support to students, and helping students and graduates with professional development. Undoubtedly, these achievements have helped lay the groundwork for the opening of our brand-new Dubai campus.

As with every UKCBC project, we have approached the latest challenge with quality firmly in mind and to guarantee the courses meet our rigorous standards. We will begin by offering a limited selection of academic programmes; as the intake grows and the needs of students and applicants change, we will introduce a broader range of subjects and levels. As with the UK arm of UKCBC,academic enrichment and development of our student body are the driving forces behind every decision we take.

And finally, after much time spent assessing international markets, I, along with members of the UKCBC team, decided that Dubai would be the ideal location for UKCBC’s first overseas campus. The international, metropolitan attitude of the city and its modern approach to education is the perfect match for UKCBC’s professionally focused courses. In short, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you, the new students of UKCBC Dubai.

G Joseph
Managing Director – UKCBC