Geomon Joseph Foundation Scholarship

UKCBC Dubai proudly launches the Geomon Joseph Foundation Scholarship programme, which gives a chance to avail up to 100 percent scholarships on tuition fees worth a total of AED 1 million for eligible students. The scholarship program evaluates the student on the basis of past academic performance, an entrance test and the family finances of the student to arrive at the overall scholarship eligibility of the student with a 40% weight assigned to the scholarship test and 30% each to the other heads.

The UK College of Business and Computing is one of the pioneer vocational colleges in the United Kingdom and has been at the forefront of vocational training for the past two decades serving students from more than 75 countries. UKCBC established its first international campus in the heart of Dubai International Academic City with a sprawling 19,000 sq ft campus in 2018.

UKCBC Dubai delivers courses ranging from BTEC in business, computing, engineering, and education. We also train for professional courses like ACCA, English, and IELTS preparation.

Pearson Partnership

UKCBC prides itself in creating academic partnerships that have guided local, expatriate and international students towards achieving their educational goals. The BTEC programme certification from UKCBC is awarded by Pearson — the world’s largest education company which translates to international recognition. The Pearson programmes are also partnered with 200+ universities, facilitating student transfers at various levels and enable young stalwarts to further their education every step of the way.


Geomon Joseph Foundation

The credit for UKCBC’s quality of excellence could not have been possible without the driving force that was Geomon Joseph, who envisioned this around two decades back with a college based in London, with one building floor and about 40 students. Eighteen years ago, he set out to empower the less privileged and socially disadvantaged students by quick yet efficient upskilling through vocational courses offered by UKCBC. The UK campus has grown along with our students and now with multiple campuses we offer university courses right up to post graduation level in partnership with the University of West London from our London campus. His vision enveloped a sustainable and student-focused teaching model, and over the years, that mission has continued unfalteringly. The Dubai campus, in line with the vision of our founder, has focussed on quality education at affordable prices. This approach has ensured that our students are well received by the industry and by many universities both in Dubai and abroad for progressions to their graduate programs*

Though Mr Geomon is no longer with us, his dreams will live on through the Geomon Joseph Foundation, the scholarships it offers, his family, our staff and most importantly the students who have benefited and progressed through their education with UKCBC. Our chairperson, Smitha George, his beloved spouse is very firm in her conviction to further his mission by instituting the foundation, the scholarship program and taking up various other support initiatives to further his vision. The holistic development of the students will be the prime focus of UKCBC. Initiatives like merit scholarships to less advantaged students, and support for innovative education projects are keyed as initiatives to be taken up by the Foundation.

The Geomon Joseph Foundation is aiming to issue over 500 academic scholarships to students in the year academic year 2022 and create another highly skilled cohort of students ready to rise to the challenges of the competitive global markets.

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