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UKCBC Dubai – The happiest place to study this Sept’20

UKCBC Dubai – The happiest place to study this Sept’20

UKCBC Dubai – The happiest place to study this Sept’20

Unusual. Unprecedented. Uncertain.

These are just a few adjectives that have been heavily used to describe the past few months. And rightly so.

In December 2019, a new infectious respiratory disease emerged in Wuhan, China and was named by the World Health Organization as COVID-19 (Corona Virus 2019). This prompted the WHO to declare an international public health emergency that has completely changed ‘normal’ as we know it.

According to the report of the WHO (as of today), the current outbreak of COVID-19, has affected over 25.3 million people and killed more than 800,000 individuals in over 200 countries throughout the world. It has spread rapidly across the globe, causing enormous health, economic, environmental, and social impact on the entire human population.

Almost all nations are striving to decelerate the transmission of this disease by testing & treating infected patients, implementing social distancing protocols, restricting large gatherings, implementing lockdowns as well as national and international travel restrictions.

These have been dire times in the United Arab Emirates, after issuing a complete lockdown on 4th April 2020 to combat the virus, a bustling city like Dubai was forced to come to a complete halt.

As suspected, the economy took a real beating in these times. Companies were unable to operate normally during lockdown conditions, leading to terminations, extended pay cuts and furloughs. Small businesses that depended on daily trade to survive were left to face the pandemic head-on.

Daily COVID infected numbers started to rise, spreading a wave of nationwide anxiety. Face masks, sanitizers, regular hand wash, maintaining distance – all became slowly normalized within the public, doing their bit to protect the community.

Another aspect that has been hugely impacted is the future of high school students!

All higher education bodies were forced to close down abruptly due to the pandemic with students’ academic progress hung in the balance. Everything was quickly shifted online. Students who were used to receiving their education face-to-face and in physical classroom settings had to swiftly adapt to an online setting.

Dubai is looking to slowly get back to normalcy despite the ongoing pandemic. At UKCBC we have decided to take a bold step forward and to resume the education of students both new and old. We also want to commend learners who have also faced their share of challenges, mentally and physically, during this situation.

After months of uncertainty, unusual and unprecedented – the UKCBC Dubai Campus aims to offer happiness and progress this Sept ’20!

We are committed to make UKCBC Dubai the happiest place to study this September 2020 and you will get to learn more in this two-part series on the initiatives taken by UKCBC Dubai to bring back the happiness this year.

Check out the second part of the series as we discuss a number of features we are actively implementing at UKCBC Dubai which makes us the happiest place to study this Sept’20!


Waqas Yamin is a marketing executive for UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) Dubai, creating content for the website, blogs and other creative media. He contributes with educational and motivational content for the UKCBC newsletter and communications with all stakeholders. He enjoys research and pitches in with engaging, informative content that highlight the importance of education and success stories that inspire and motivate.

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