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Internships in Dubai

Internships in Dubai

Internships in Dubai

Internships in Dubai

Why should you get out of bed at 7 am in the morning, get ready and take a 45-minute bus journey to an office where you will spend the next 8 – 10 hours working as an “Intern”? Because it pays, maybe not in cash. But it pays in many ways. Having volunteered and done internships in the past and present, I have assembled my 5 top reasons as to how an internship can benefit you.

Get Experience

Education from schools and universities make up for just the academic development while the practical knowledge comes from your extra-curricular activities such as volunteering and internships. More employers are looking for candidates that have some prior experience in the field of their choice. Improve your chances of getting shortlisted by your employees by gaining some experience in one or multiple fields.

Build Practical Skills

Whether your workplace is a corporate office, a design studio or even a construction site, there will be certain skills that you will develop during your internship. You can add these skills to your personal profile and keep building them as in your corporate life life as you progress in your career.


As an intern your duties may vary depending on the company, industry and department. Who you work or meet while interning also varies but these individuals can potentially be one of the keys for your future career path. These contacts may provide you with a reference letter for a job application in the future or, if you’re lucky, they may even hire you for a post that might be right for you.

Earn while you Learn

Yes, you read that right! Students can often find paid internships. If you are looking to either make some extra pocket money or help fund your expenses, then working part-time may be the perfect way to supplement your income. Numerous companies across the UAE pay a stipend or at least compensate you for your efforts.

Future Job Aspirations

There are some people who know exactly what they want to do in the future and there are also many of us who haven’t quite cracked it yet. Interning with an organization will give you an insight into the industry you wish to be part of, company or role that you hope to pursue. As a result, you will have a clearer view of which path to take once you graduate and start down your lifelong career.


Finding an Internship

There are different ways of finding an internship, whether you hear about one through word of mouth or visit the career page on a company’s website. However, there are also online platforms that can help you find openings for different kinds of internship opportunities, you can then apply to the ones that interest you the most.


Formerly known as InternsME, this website is your number one destination when it comes to seeking internships and fresh graduate jobs. They have opportunities ranging from the fashion industry to event management and have many filter options to ensure you focus on the right opportunities.


Global companies such as Google and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise regularly use Glassdoor for summer recruitment for intern positions. If you are looking for interesting opportunities or just need advice on interview techniques, how to write a cover letter and other related queries, then Glassdoor is a great place to start.


The Facebook for professionals as many may call it, LinkedIn has professional users from various backgrounds. You will find CEOs, your professors, HR representatives and even your own parents on this platform as it takes corporate networking to the world wide web. You will have to create a profile similar to a resume to make the most out of this tool but it is one that will be beneficial for the rest of your career.

In conclusion, the student population attending higher education in the UAE is growing each year as a result it is becoming increasingly competitive to get the right opportunity in the career of your choice. Employers are looking for candidates that have not only a great academic performance but also possess vocational skills. Make sure you take the right steps now to ensure a brighter future for yourself.



Veni, Vidi, i Vivere.

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Rameez Iqbal, Contributor