Pearson BTEC Level 3
Extended Diploma in Engineering

Course Duration: 10 Months (excluding 2 months’ vacation)

An engineering course co-developed with employers and professional bodies. Designed to meet the requirements of the global engineering academia entry requirements and entry level engineering workforce.

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in core engineering concepts that they will learn in their higher education.

It covers topics like foundational mechanical and electrical and electronics principles, introduction to engineering processes, product design and manufacturing, microcontroller systems, etc.

Students learn key engineering practices through case studies and hands-on projects that encourage use of concepts learnt in theory components.

Students are instilled with a strong foundation to build their skills and knowledge required for a career in engineering.

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    Key Features

    The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental engineering principles and practices. Key features of the program may include:

    • Practical and theoretical components: The program combines hands-on training with academic study to give students a holistic foundation in engineering upon which to build their skills.
    • Strong foundation: The program is designed such that students have a strong foundational knowledge of all key engineering sectors such as mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering. 
    • Industry-relevant curriculum: The curriculum is co-developed with engineers and professional bodies to reflect the latest developments and technologies in the engineering industry, so students gain the skills that employers are looking for.
    • Real-world experience: UKCBC encourages practical learning by enabling students to pursue internships and apprenticeships through flexible class timings.

    Top Skills you will learn ?


    Electrical and Electronics Principles

    Engineering Design

    Engineering Maths

    Embedded System Design

    Electrical and Electronics

    Mechanical Principles

    Computed Assisted Design

    Lean Principles

    3D Designing


    Mechanical Principles

    Computed Assisted Design

    Lean Principles

    Who is the Programme for?

    The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering qualification is for students keen build a strong foundational knowledge in engineering through an applied learning model to pursue higher education with majors in various fields of engineering. It is broadly equivalent to 5 International GCSEs and is a globally accepted qualification to join 1st year of Engineering degrees.

    Career Progression

    A student with Pearson BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering can explore job opportunities in:

    Engineering technician

    Mechatronics technician

    Higher Education Progression Pathways

    Hear From Our Students

    My experience with UKCBC so far has been great, everyone is approachable and nice. When it comes to academics, every lesson is very practical which I believe would be useful to us once we start working.

    What I like most about studying in UKCBC are the facilities that they have provided for us like student lounge where I am able to chill around with my friends and watch others play Fifa.

    Jasmine Sta. Maria

    Philippines - IT Student

    UKCBC has a well-trained and approachable faculty willing to help at any time. The events organized are tremendous as well.

    I got a chance to enhance my skills and to think beyond the books. This method of teaching has made me more confident in my field.

    Hatim Millwala

    India - Business Student

    As a student in HND level 5, I’m so proud to have passionate people around me who are hungry to grow in knowledge and experience. They allow me to pursue my dreams and my love for business at the same time The UK College faculty is supportive and goes out of the way to do extra so you can excel in what we pursue This is definitely a place for the dreamers.

    Beulah Ruth

    UAE - Business Student

    • General Certificate of Education Board – Grade 11, 5 International GCSEs
    • American Curriculum – Grade 10
    • CBSE and ICSE Board – Grade 10

    Or other appropriate qualifications or achievements at Year 11 or age 16 in core subjects.

    Learners may choose to demonstrate the ability to succeed in various ways. For example, they may have relevant work experience or specific aptitude shown through diagnostic tests or non-educational experience.