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9 things to do to make quarantine fun

9 things to do to make quarantine fun

9 things to do to make quarantine fun

Everything is in lockdown and there’s only so much you can do when you’re stuck at home. It’s hard not to focus on the headlines, the uncertainty and the tough times ahead. We’re all doing our bit to support our community during these tough times.

Ready to get busy? Here’s a look at 9 things you can do to enrich your life during this quarantine.

1. Call a friend

There has never been a better time to check in on your friends. Make a list of friends and family you’ve been wanting to catch up with for months. Slowly work your way through your list day by day. Some conversational topics could be: Would you rather questions or your new favourite Netflix series. Alternatively, try playing the word game – Go back and forth playing the word game and start by choosing any word and sing a lyric of a song with the word in it. Go back and forth until your partner can’t think of any other song with that word. For example, the word is “love” and you sing Endless Love by Lionel Richie.

Try Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or the Smoothy app for video chatting in the UAE.

2. Start a book club virtually

Who loves to read? Maybe you’re reading a lot in this season, and you don’t have anyone to share it with. You should start a virtual book club. If you have a book in mind, create a Meet Up group if you’d like to make new friends. Make sure you mention in the group that it’ll be virtual for now.

If you don’t have a book, or you don’t like reading. Try listening to some free Audible books this month.

If you start a club, send me an invitation to rachel@ukcbc.ac.ae


3. Delete unwanted pictures from your phone

How many times are you about to take a photo and your phone says that you don’t have enough storage? With the extra time on your hands this is the perfect opportunity to clear your phone, get some photos printed and organise the rest on your laptop or computer to offload your phone. It’s only the beginning of the year, so make room on your phone for all of the upcoming memories.


4. Back up your phone on your computer

After you delete your unwanted photos, make sure you back up your phone onto your computer. All the additional screen time you’re getting in quarantine probably isn’t great for your phone anyways. Backing it up saves you the hassle of losing all your information if your phone overheats or you drop it trying to film your “at home” cooking show!


5. Clean your house

It’s nearly spring-cleaning time anyway! Clean out the clutter and do a deep clean – dust, vacuum, and bleach your surfaces. List things on Dubizzle and make some money off your unwanted things. Go on Pinterest to find creative organisation ideas.

6. Make themed playlists on Apple Music or Spotify

As we all know, our student and staff body are very diverse. Our taste in music should also vary greatly. Why not take this time to organise our playlists on Spotify? I’ve started making playlists with names of countries. For example, my India playlist has songs from Bollywood films, my Nigerian playlist is full of Afrobeats, and my Ireland playlist is full of folk music from James Vincent McMorrow and Glen Hansard. Make a playlist from your home country of all the top hits at the moment and share them here! I’d love to have my musical horizons broadened at this time.


7. Try new recipes

This one is a great activity! If you want to make it a bit more fun and creative, pick a country, research their best dishes, and recreate them. Maybe you’re like me and you love the show Chopped on the Food Network. Bring Chopped into your house and have a friend or family member pick 4 ingredients you need to incorporate into a dish whether it’s an appetizer, main course, or dessert and taste your creations. Send us pictures of your creations!


8. Try a DIY from YouTube or Pinterest

You can tie this into starting a new hobby. Just go to YouTube or Pinterest and type “DIY projects,” and you’ll get so many ideas! It could be a time to finally organise your spaces. There are so many home projects that involve organisation. Send pictures of your projects to @UKCBCUAE on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


9. Do a home workout

Challenge your friends to do squats, pushups or crunches with you every day. Find things around your home that you can lift for your strength exercises. Maybe you have a broom and a backpack. Load your backpack full of books and hang it on the broom, now you have a bar weight for your squats. A great at-home fitness app is Aaptiv or follow Mari Llewellyn on Instagram. She has a fitness empire and provides at-home guides you can download and while staying inside.

Try out these activities and if you have any other activity ideas you want to share, feel free to send it my way at rachel@ukcbc.ac.ae.


Rachel Gillner is an English as a Second Language (ESL) lecturer at UKCBC. She has six years-experience teaching languages. Her interest in language has helped her learn two languages and has stoked her passion to help others reach their communicational goals in English. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading books and writing stories about her life experiences.


You can connect with Rachel on LinkedIn