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Growing need for vocational education in the UAE

Growing need for vocational education in the UAE

Growing need for vocational education in the UAE

In todays’ day and age, it is astonishing to find out that a lot of secondary school students are either not informed correctly or hold a negative opinion about the vocational education system. People often believe that the vocational educational system is an alternative option for students who struggle academically. This article is an attempt to set the record straight and show the growing need of vocational education both in the UAE and worldwide.

Practical Learning

The vocational path is also referred as career or technical education. This type of education prepares students and gives them the required practical skills for the job they are interested in. Whether it is a specific craft or a technical career in fields like business, engineering, computing to name a few. The major benefit of this type of education is that it combines theoretical learning and practical experience in order to better prepare learners for a demanding and ever-changing work environment.


Business organizations are highly interested in hiring skilled, work-ready employees. Vocational students are being taught the skills necessary to perform a specific set of tasks in the job and excel in the workforce. These programmes help develop the right personality traits and skill set through an efficient and flexible training course that provides an excellent platform to start on the path towards a flourishing career. Workshop-based education is also emphasized to give the students hands-on knowledge and experience in their opted subjects.

There has been a significant increase in the number of students in the vocational studies over last decade. This can be considered a positive sign that perception about vocational studies is changing. This system caters to students who are both geared academically and the ones who ‘learn by doing’ i.e. need practical training of concepts. . Moreover, it provides the scope of an alternative pathway to career professionals with a passion for a specific field or industry. Having an all-encompassing vocational and technical education develops a positive impact on a person’s motivation, attitude, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


In comparison to the regular academic education, vocational qualifications are relatively affordable to an equivalent university degree. Many vocational courses are like a four-year bachelors’ qualification offering employment opportunities to the students after completing the programme. The time period for a vocational course is generally shorter but the expertise that is imparted to students, is equivalent to a university degree, albeit in a specific field or skill.

In the UAE, the trend towards vocational training has started to spread across the emirates with more technical high schools and colleges opening all over the country. It is very important to be clear on what a vocational education and career means, a great platform for those who aspire to succeed, through practical knowledge of a specific trade or skill.

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Dr. Tajwar Hussaini is a highly skilled Assistant Professor, assessor and internal verifier with nine years of varied teaching experience.

She likes to encourage creativity and higher-order thinking during her lessons in order to increase student performance and foster personal growth. She believes in an effective, positive and flexible academic journey.