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9 Fun Ways to Practice Your English While You’re in Quarantine

9 Fun Ways to Practice Your English While You’re in Quarantine

9 Fun Ways to Practice Your English While You’re in Quarantine

Here I have listed few things that you can do to work on your English language while in quarantine.

1. Watch movies:

Watching movies can be a fun way to learn English. There are many platforms now for live streaming. Find one of your favourite English-speaking films and watch it with English subtitles. If you already know the plot and dialogue in your native language watching it in English will be easier for you. If you’re higher in level, I challenge you to watch a new film you’ve never seen. Sometimes watching the trailer on YouTube is enough to give you an idea of what’s it’s about.

2. WhatsApp group chats:

We all use and love WhatsApp, why not use it as a learning tool? With WhatsApp, you can work on all modes of communication: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Create a group with your friends learning English and practice together. It’s helpful if you can get a range of levels in one group to help each other. Here’s a link to existing groups that are used to practice and learn English language. Be brave and join in!


3. Pen pals with your neighbours:

This is a great activity for those who are friends with your neighbours. Grab pen and paper for this one. Practice your formal and informal letter-writing skills with your neighbour. You can make the letters personal sharing what your day looks like and asking them about theirs. You can use narrative tenses and write a story about your past. Maybe you’re planning to take the IELTS General Training test. You’ll be expected to write a letter for the writing portion – why not practice, now? Here’s a list of prompts to practice:

Tip – please remember to wash your hands and take proper precautions for you neighbours when you pass on your letters.


4. Inspiration boards:

What is an inspiration board? Perhaps there are things that you aspire to such as a profession, a dream holiday, or even a hobby that you want to master. An inspiration board is meant to inspire you to reach those goals. If you have magazines, old books, or photos laying around; arrange them on a board and put them somewhere that you’ll see. Maybe you’re like me and you have a virtual inspiration board on Pinterest. Share your boards with your friends using the future and conditional tenses to describe your hopes and dreams. You can check out the UKCBC Dubai Instagram page to get you started with your inspiration board.


5. Host a cooking show:

Some of you might like the Food Network channel. All of you have a phone, and you all know how to work the video function. Maybe you don’t know how to cook. This will be fun! It doesn’t have to be complicated; it could even be as simple as you describe the steps you go through to make yourself a bowl of cereal. Post it on YouTube and share your links with UKCBC. We’d love to see your cooking creations. Need some inspiration? Watch this YouTuber!


6. Bake a new recipe:

If you have Netflix, you must watch Chef’s Table season 4 with Christina Tosi featuring her bakery in America called Milk Bar. She makes baking look like so much fun. During these weeks of lockdown, she has been challenging her followers on Instagram to bake her favourite recipes and tag her @chistinatosi to be featured on her Instagram story. You should know that Christina is American and all her recipes are in English! Maybe you want to try her famous Compost Cookie recipe here!


7. Play Charades online with friends:

You’ll need a computer and your phone for this one. Use a video conferencing application, like Zoom, on your computer so you can play with friends online. If you have a house of three or more people, you can simply play with family. On your phones, you’ll need to download Charades. You’ll have a word on your forehead, and your friends or family will describe the word without saying it, and you’ll guess the answer. There are many ways you can play – get creative!

8. Sing some songs in English:

Who likes karaoke? I love singing with friends. Bring karaoke into your home with YouTube. Make sure you find your favourite songs in English so you can sing along. If you want to work on your pronunciation, listen to the artists sing their own songs before you try singing without them. Here’s a playlist on YouTube of karaoke songs:


9. Buy a journal and write about your day:

Do you remember what you did on April 17, 2017? Probably not. Starting a journal will help you recall what you did on various days of the year. Looking back a few years from now, you’ll be curious to know what you did and how you got through the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Use a spare old notebook or have a journal delivered to your home. You can also use your computer’s word processor if you prefer typing, and write down what your thoughts, feelings and actions have been during this season.


At UKCBC Dubai Campus we believe in making learning English fun and enjoyable. Our expert native-tutors employ an engaging study structure which makes learning more exciting and less daunting. Learn more about our various English language courses to boost your communication skills and confidence.


Rachel Gillner is an English as a Foreign Language (ESL) lecturer at UKCBC. She has six years-experience teaching languages. Her interest in language has helped her learn two languages and has stoked her passion to help others reach their communicational goals in English. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading books and writing stories about her life experiences.


You can connect with Rachel on LinkedIn