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Which is the largest ?

Which is the largest ?

Which is the smallest?

Part 5(b)

For questions 6-10, choose the correct final sentence for each of the reviews. Write a letter A-J in spaces 6-10.

A - It's a shame I was so shy.                                                           B -  Looking forward the third one!
C -  Great for kids, but a bit dull for adults.                                D - Not a satisfied customer!
E - We were lucky to see so many different species.              F - Somewhere less crowded would be better.
G - It was really informative, and I learned a lot.                     H - It was just too noisy!
I - Really creepy, even though we didn't see anything.         J - Worth the effort it took to get there.

An inventor comes to the rescue when his town is threatened by a monster rabbit. Yeah, it’s quite silly! It appealed to my two young charges, but I was bored. I was glad to leave the cinema at the end. E.g. _C_

I booked a tour and came to reception hoping to see 'one of the county's historical treasures', but was told by the receptionist that they could only accept payment by cash! Who has cash in their purse these days? So the only parts I got to see were the ruined stone walls that surround the main building. The manager apologised, but since they refused to let me in, I don't think the apology was sincere. 6.

We came seeking somewhere peaceful where we could walk for an hour, enjoy the silence and admire the roses. Fat chance! Everywhere there were parents shouting at their children, people having loud conversations on their phones and even frequent planes flying overhead. It was crazy! 7.

We stayed overnight in the shadowy basement of a ruined church, where rumour has it that several people committed suicide about a century ago. There were no sightings, but every time we heard any kind of sound, someone in our party screamed. 8.

Ever since I was bullied at school I've had an extreme fear of talking to people. I was hoping this would be a good way to overcome my nervousness and meet people. It was a great event, with some good performers and some of my favourite folk bands, but I couldn't bring myself to talk to any new people. 9.

From the start of the ride, we had several dolphins following us, which was really cool. Then, not long into the ride, we saw splashes and went to investigate. It was a whale! It was magical! The children even spotted a shark in the distance, although I couldn't make out where they were pointing. 10.