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Discover authentic insights about UKCBC, directly from its primary stakeholders: the students. The reviews compiled from respected, independent review sources and the testimonials from our Alumni offer a firsthand account of the UKCBC experience as shared by students.


Discover firsthand experiences and insights from our esteemed Alumni community

The teachers are very kind and helpful, they are always available when we need help with our assignments.

Kieran Munn

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing, Batch of year 2019-20

As a full time student and full time working professional, it was very important for me to manage both tasks. The lecturers are always very supportive to my requirements.

Marta Lechowicz

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business, Batch of year 2019-20

I love how students from different cultures help each other. The studies are very interesting and I have learnt a lot of new skills in the field of IT.

Siyi Kang

BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Information Technology, Batch of year 2019-20

Being a part of UKCBC has been a great experience for me personally because they have contributed a lot in my growth as a student. From providing flexible schedules for classes as well as dedicated and committed professors, UKCBC has been a steppingstone in my academic journey

Elajah May Montemayor

ACCA, Batch of year 2021-22

My experience in UKCBC can be summed up in one word. Homely. UKCBC staff and faculty feel like members of an extended family.

Muhammet Myradov

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology,
Batch of year 2022-23

Studying in UKCBC Dubai gave me a lot of practical knowledge and experience in the field of mechanical engineering, the lecturers have been very helpful giving me additional support especially when I struggled.

Haydir Rajjouh

BTEC Level 3 Engineering, Batch of year 2019-20

Google reviews

UKCBC has an average 4.4-star rating on Google. Check out the latest unbiased reviews provided by our students displayed below.

 My time in UKCBC was great . I don’t have any bad experiences so far . The availability of the staff in my opinion is what I love the most . The teachers , IT staff , admissions and finance department are all very helpful . HND in IT level 5.

Abad Majid

 My experience in UKCBC has been amazing so far. From my subscription to the online classes, things went smoothly. I was and still am very satisfied with the admin staff, students service, and my professors.

If you are wondering why, you should join UKCBC? Know that the tuition fees are affordable, teachers are great (mine were 😊) and the timetable is reasonable.


Alimata Traore

When I started at ukcbc I was nervous because it was a new atmosphere with a different style of teaching and learning but I found on my journey that the teachers at college are easy to approach and willing to help. They are kind and considerate and they made my time so far in the college enjoyable there not one bad thing I could say about the college friendly atmosphere enjoyable class I would highly recommend it to anyone who looking for an Good college to study at

Hatim Shami

I am a Btech HND Business student. There is a collective aspect that describes the best about our college, the environment, campus life, faculty, student coordination, and various other descriptive aspects that students feel very comfortable about. My experience so far is one of pride that I have been able to be apart of this university.

Juwariyah Naheed

Great college with lecturers who are willing to go the distance to ensure you achieve a good grade and are very understanding, as well very informative in their teachings providing good substance! The staffs are well mannered and are always open to help the students in their confusions.

Daniel Peter

Very good college, love it 100%
what stands out is the environment and how the students are so friendly with each other. the teachers are very friendly and helpful as well. My first semester here feels like ive been studying here my whole life to be honest.
Im proud to be a UKCBC student. Long live UKCBC

Taha Ilyas

Edarabia reviews

Edarabia.com is a popular education website helping students, parents and educators compare and select the best institutions in Middle East . UKCBC has an average 4.5-star rating on Edarabia.

My favorite thing in UKCBC is the activities given to us as an assignment. These activities enabled us to enjoy and become closer to the other students. It also enabled me to gain confidence in showing my different talents and improve my skills. As for the environment and facilities get in USA and the environment is healthy as well as clean.

Charisse Rose Ocfemia

I like the diverse multinational culture of Ukcbc it is exciting to meet students from different cultures and get to learn from them. The social activities are always incredibly enjoyable and fun. The classes, facilities and faculty are all excellent. I would highly recommend Ukcbc for anyone looking to enhance their practical skills.

Kevin George

The acca Staff are very helpful and you get individual attention to every student. The lecturers are approachable with whatever query you have. The teaching style and study notes provided are immensely helpful in preparing for the exams.

Prabhav shiva prakesh

I would like to recommend these people if you want to improve your English skills (including speaking, writing and grammar) They have very suitable times. I really like the method. I have learned a lot. Very good native speaking teacher. Very helpful teachers. I really enjoy learning English in UK College. Affordable tuition. Easy access from all over Dubai. There is no traffic on the way and also available free car parks. I have met very good friends from all over the world


Lecturers go the extra mile to help you prepare. They assist you with study plans and helpful tips plus they are also available even outside the class. The facilities are clean and well maintained with enough to do during break time. The college makes studying less daunting.

Marvellous T Dodzo

My favorite thing about Ukcbc are the classes and the student lounge. There is a good mix of academics and social activities where we can study, relax and make friends. The faculty have been extremely helpful in guiding me in my coursework and are always available for our queries.

Mohammed Al Sharif

Ranked and Accredited

UKCBC proudly holds a place among the world’s finest BTEC Institutions, according to esteemed independent ranking and accreditation bodies. Our ranking by Pearson, a renowned international authority, highlights our commitment to excellence.
All our programs are accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai, UAE.

British Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) provider in UAE
1 St
BTEC Tutor of the Year 2022, Silver Award Winning Academic team
2 nd
BTEC International Institution of the Year 2022, Bronze Award Winner
3 rd
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* HND programmes are accredited by ofqual

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