Guaranteed Internships

Integrated Online Internships

UKCBC Dubai offers an incredible opportunity for students to translate their practical education with our vocational qualifications to a valuable working experience.
We are the only college in the UAE that has a mandatory internship component as part of its higher studies. All students studying our BTEC, HND or ACCA qualification must complete up to a 3-month online internship that will aid their vocational learning & enhance their career prospects globally.
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How it works

Our unique Internships programme will help graduating students gain internships in local or international, top companies from around the world. The internships and placements will be made according to their related fields of study thereby availing relevant work-ready experience upon graduation from our qualifications.
Students will be working in groups, where they will complete an innovative project as a team, under the supervision of a host organisation. They will experience working in a professional team environment online.
Every student will earn a certified 3-months internship and showcase their acquired practical skills from our vocational programmes.


Who is eligible to apply for the internships?

The Internship programme is for the following students –

  • Level 4 students Business, IT & Engineering students with a minimum pass profile,
  • ACCA students who have completed and passed at least 6 papers with UKCBC, and English students who have completed at least 24 weeks of English with achieving Intermediate level at UKCBC.

How long is the internship?

The internship will last for 8-12 weeks starting each year in June.

How will the work be allocated?

You will be put into groups of 4-5 and work on projects with a supervisor assigned by the organization. You will be working in your field of interest and contributing towards vocational and practical learning.

The internship is completely virtual and you will get a feel of working with international organizations with rich cultures and ethos.

Is the internship paid?

No, the internship is unpaid however you will get an experience letter and completion certificate at the end of the internship.

Are there any other costs?

Yes, there is a nominal charge of AED 1500 to sign up for the internships to cover the administrative charges involved in ensuring the students have the right support before and during the internship.

The charge could be paid separately or deducted from your security deposit.

Will the internships be online only or are there in-office placements as well?

Currently, due to COVID, there are no on-site placements offered due to the risk involved.

How do I apply for the internship?

To apply for the internship, you must complete a resume for which a template will be sent out at the end of the first term. This template needs to be completed and sent back to the student services team by March 15th. Our advisors will then get in touch with you to match you with your skills and hold a brief interview. Once an offer is made, you will need to accept the offer and pay the fees to UKCBC Finance Dept.

Will there be an interview process to apply and be chosen?

Yes, the advisors will be speaking to students on a one-on-one basis to ensure that both sides understand the requirements of the internships and right candidates are matched with the right requirements.

Can I apply for more than one internship position?

Yes, you may apply for more than one position, and depending on where your skills are matched the most, you will be offered a position.

How much time do I need to allocate to these internships on a weekly basis?

Once a week, you will be meeting your supervisor over a virtual call for an hour. In addition to that, you will need 5-6 hours on a weekly basis to complete the tasks and/or liaise with your team members for group work.

Can I do a second period after completing the first one either with the same company or with a different one?

Internships will be done each summer over June & July so depending on availability you can apply for the second round of internships if you continue studying at UKCBC. For each additional internship, a separate cost of AED 1500 will be applicable.

Can I secure my own internship and have it be counted for my graduation requirement?

While you can definitely secure your own internships, it is advisable to use the UKCBC route as we take complete ownership of ensuring the internships meet our vocational elements. Also, if you find it difficult to cope with the internship, we will help you choose a different company within the first 3 days of starting your internship. Lastly, our internships will focus on working in international teams, building leadership across different functions, communication and negotiation as well as conflict solving.