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UKCBC British Summer Camp

UKCBC British Summer Camp

UKCBC British Summer Camp

Experience the UK in the UAE!

Introducing our

British Summer Camp

this July

We bring the majestic culture and amazing activities with an exciting British-themed summer camp for students above 12 years.

Our new British summer camp is designed to develop extraordinary English language skills with the right grammar, vocabulary and accent work. While giving students the opportunity to learn and experience British culture through interactive classroom activities.

Every lesson is based on a topic and theme. Students learn English vocabulary and grammar while developing their knowledge of the English-speaking world.

Some amazing British camp topics:

  • History (UK History)
  • Food and Drink (British food)
  • The Environment (Exciting British-themed English activities)
  • Health and Sports ( UK Sports, football and more)
  • Holiday and Travelling ( The City of London)

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Experience the exciting British-themed camp this July!