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Upskill Workshop Week

Upskill Workshop Week

Upskill Workshop Week

Enjoy the skills development hour every day

from Sunday, 28th February – Wednesday, 3rd March
12:30pm to 1:30pm

Register for the Upskill Workshop Week exclusively for school students.

Join our latest learning extravaganza and take the opportunity to gain exciting new skills that give you a competitive edge in your career.

Take part in an incredible training manual that covers skills-based learning in Business, IT, Engineering, and Accounting + learn impressive interview skills for your first job!

Choose from an exciting list of upskilling opportunities that offers you a competitive edge early in your career


Sunday, 29th February: Business – Writing a marketing plan.

Monday, 1st March: IT & Engineering – Drone Workshop

Tuesday, 2nd March: English – Interview skills for your first job

Wednesday, 3rd March: Accounting – Understanding debit & credit


Sign up above for the workshop of your choice and Upskill with UKCBC Dubai!