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Vocational qualifications – The future of higher education.

Vocational qualifications – The future of higher education.

Vocational qualifications – The future of higher education.

Every student is familiarized with the usual trajectory in pursuing higher education. Study hard in high school, get good grades, find a university, spend 3 years, get a shiny Bachelors’ Degree and join the grueling hunt for a job.

Students have been grilled about this career progression since they start their schooling. But the fact of the matter is each student follows the same path and they unknowingly join the same long line of graduates with a degree in hand finding a purpose to fulfill.

The age-old interview question arises – What makes you so different from the rest?

The UAE is filled with university graduates and the pool is overflowing each year. The need to stand out from the crowd and have the right skills sought by companies has never been much higher.

But as the saying goes, to be different you got to do something different!

In a conventional high school or university, the focus is more on theory which is not always enough. What employers look for is the skills, capabilities, technical expertise and industrial knowledge in every applicant. This is where Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) fills the gap.

TVET focuses not only on the theory but the practical application of skills in a working environment where the students get hands-on industry experience. Students pursuing vocational qualifications can acquire professional skills in the fields of Business, I.T, engineering, hospitality, travel and tourism and much more at an early stage of their career. Qualifications in TVET offers students valuable entry-level work experience which makes them front runners in the race of getting employed.

UAE is striving to achieve a sustainable, diversified knowledge-based economy. This means that a skilled and flexible workforce is seen as an important driver of growth and progress. This proves the opportunities for technical and vocational education and training are continuously expanding.

Not only UAE has seen the surge in requirement for work-ready students, but this rise in demand is international. Across the globe, the need for vocational education and training is characterized by several factors, including the increasing use of technology, the growing importance of information and communications systems, and the growing trends in business. TVET makes a constructive contribution to solving the problems posed by the transition from education to employment, ensuring that the future generation has the necessary skills the economy needs.

Vocational and technical education is a great platform for students who aspire to succeed. UKCBC’s BTEC programmes offer the perfect platform to achieve practical qualifications like a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business and Information Technology. The courses are awarded by Pearson, the world’s largest learning company, and have been created in collaboration with employers in the industry to help prepare students with the skills they need to confidently work in several positions in the industry. The programmes offer students with a unique career pathway which focuses on instilling the skills that are required in the market.

All this can be possible for anyone who takes the road less taken towards success, because as the saying goes – to be different you got to do something different!


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