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Why Take a Gap Year

Why Take a Gap Year

Today we discuss some of the fantastic reasons for taking a gap year, and we’ll look at how the experience could help you become more attractive to employers in the future.

1) Take a Well-earned Break from Education

Whether you started school as a 4, 5, 6 or 7-year-old, by the time you graduate at 18, you will have spent considerable time in formal education. It’s understandable  for some who want to take a break away from the books; it might just help you recharge your batteries, and you’ll have time to discover where your passion lies. Use this opportunity to find out if your passions convert into potential professions.

2) Gain Financial Stability

Full-time education makes your mind rich with knowledge; however, it won’t make you rich with cash (in the short term at least). Taking a year between finishing school and starting a higher education course will give you the chance to create a financial safety net. What you earn could go towards your higher education course fees, your living costs while you’re on an HE course or you could save it for use in later life.

Another benefit will be that you will potentially gain some important employability skills while you are working. These transferable skills are useful in almost every profession; this gap year will give you a chance to add depth to your CV, which will be very useful after graduation from an HE course.

3) Volunteer and Gain Industry Specific Skills

If you have a good idea of which sector or profession you wish to work in, volunteering offers an avenue through which to make contacts and gain valuable experience. Combine this with a relevant HE course and you’ll stand out from the crowd of applicants.

4) Travel the World

There are very few downsides to exploring the world and being exposed to new cultures, and many employers see such expeditions as a positive on a CV. Earning the money to take such a trip is extremely rewarding, and you’ll gain skills like planning and communicating along the way. You may return with a fresh view on the life you had planned.

5) See Life’s Bigger Picture

No matter what option you choose, you’re sure to finish the gap year with a different view on life. The tensions of academic achievement and the drama of friendship you were exposed to at school will feel like a different lifetime after you’ve volunteered in a vibrant working environment or spent a night under the stars in the Sahara. Why not consider a gap year and give yourself the mental space to make a good decision for your future?

Interested in studying at a higher education level after a gap year? Get in touch with a UKCBC course advisor today to discuss your academic options.