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Why Choose UKCBC

UK Education at a Great Price

UKCBC offers top-tier British education in Business, Computing & Engineering with tuition fees starting from AED 27,000 per year. Make the most out of your time and money with a curriculum tailored to give you the tools necessary to succeed.

Transfer to over 200 Universities

After finishing your education at UKCBC you can transfer to over 200 universities globally to pursue further education or top up your degree. Keep the doors to your future open with our internationally recognized qualifications.

Career Focused British Education

Each of our programmes is designed with the guidance of employers, representatives from professional bodies and higher education experts in order to balance your future professional needs alongside your academic progression.

Qualifications Awarded by Pearson

All of our programme certifications are awarded by Pearson, the world’s largest education company. This means all your qualifications will be recognized internationally and are accredited in the UAE by the KHDA.

About Us

The best education isn’t always the most expensive!

UKCBC is one of the leading Vocational Colleges in the United Kingdom, with two decades of experience providing students the necessary tools to thrive in today’s world.

Our Dubai campus aims to bring the same quality education to learners in the UAE. Our focus on practical skills is tailored to help you kickstart your career and make the most out of your time.

We are the only college in Dubai with mandatory internships as part of our curriculum, learn more about our guaranteed online placements and our philosophy on education.


Latest Blogs & Events

UKCBC British Summer Camp

UKCBC British Summer Camp

Experience the UK in the UAE! Introducing our British Summer Camp this July We bring the majestic culture and amazing activities with an exciting British-themed summer camp for students above 12 years. Our new British summer camp is designed to develop extraordinary English language skills with the right grammar, vocabulary and accent work. While giving [...]
Open Day – 19th June, 10am to 4pm

Open Day – 19th June, 10am to 4pm

Higher Education Simplified.   Let us take you through how easy it is to find the perfect programme for YOU! Meet highly experienced career counsellors for FREE & learn how you can turn your passion into a career. Visit our campus on Saturday, June 19th, 2021 from 10:00am to 4:00pm and get the best advice [...]
English language in the UAE

English language in the UAE

English has become the world’s premier international language and is now spoken by over 1.2 billion people. It has also been given official status in 75+ countries, and while the original purpose of learning English was to communicate with native speakers, most people are actually using it to speak with non-native speakers. English is now [...]

Student Testimonials

My experience with UKCBC so far has been great, everyone is approachable and nice. When it comes to academics, every lesson is very practical which I believe would be useful to us once we start working.    What I like most about studying in UKCBC are the facilities that they have provided for us like student lounge where I am able to chill around with my friends and watch others play Fifa. 

Jasmine Sta. Maria

Philippines - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology

As it's my first year into a college course, I have received a lot of support in my units and is as great of an experience as I was hoping for. I hope the quality of the faculty and courses will be same for the next 2 years of my study here. The thing that I like most about studying here at UKCBC is the staff is that they are really approachable and are always ready to help.

Shahzeb Qureshi

Pakistan - Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business

My experience at UKCBC has been exceptional so far. It has been both educational as well as eye-opening. The staff of this college is very supportive and students are always welcome to share their ideas. What I like most about studying at UKCBC is its method of education, where we are given guidance and independence equally.

Dhruvi Parikh

India - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology

UKCBC has a well trained and an approachable faculty willing to help at any time. The events organized are tremendous as well. I got a chance to enhance my skills and to think beyond the books. This method of teaching has made me more confident in my field.

Hatim Millwala

India - Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business

My experience with UKCBC has been exceptional so far. I feel extremely welcomed in the college with a very supportive faculty. The staff of this college is also extremely supportive and helps me in every matter. The thing I like the most about is how professional the professors are. They know what they are teaching and are always ready to help us.

Eyesha Hassan

Pakistan - BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business

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