Speak Up! Courses

Course Availability: Admissions open
Duration : 6 weeks (36 hours)


Do you struggle to speak English? This course is designed for those who are looking to improve their overall fluency when speaking whilst also building up their confidence and knowledge of vocabulary.

The course contains daily topics that are supported with language points such as specific vocabulary, useful grammar and related phrases and expressions to help you express yourself accurately and fluently. The classes are all supported by a native-level English speaker who will provide you with all the necessary feedback and corrections you require to ensure you develop your communication skills.

Course Focus
Each class will have a different topic to help you improve your understanding and vocabulary of that specific subject. 

Some examples are:

  • Family and Childhood Stories
  • Films
  • Travel
  • Society and Current affairs

You can expect

  • Structured lessons that provide you with the tools and the opportunity to speak.
  • Opportunities to expand your vocabulary.
  • A native-level tutor who focuses on pronunciation.
  • Error-correction and techniques to break bad habits when speaking.